When you call off your job, especially during the summer months, you might be tempted to post your non-approved plans for the day. In other words if you take off work and it is an unauthorized absence, it’s probably in your best interest to refrain from posting your actually whereabouts on social media.

More and more employers are using social media to see what employees are up to. So if you are telling your boss you are sick in bed with the flu and then post pictures on Facebook of you and your family relaxing at the beach, you may be creating a perfect situation for your boss to consider disciplinary actions or even termination, depending on the company’s call-off policies.

Social media often paints pictures of individuals they would rather their boss or future boss not see. It is important to consider who your social media activity translates back to your career. Privacy is hard to maintain these days but if you want to ensure your job is secure and you are not gaining a reputation as an unreliable worker, pay attention to what you are putting out to the world.

Remember too that if you are taking ‘sick days’ when you aren’t sick, you can be jeopardizing your health and risking co-workers safety when you are too sick to work and can not call off. Missing work, especially now when jobs are hard to come by, can be a mistake that cost you income. Get better prepared at pre-scheduling your days off for summer time fun so you don’t miss out on family time but can keep both your job and professional reputation.