The recent story of a man who filed for workers compensation an astounding 60 years after he was injured in a plane crash shows the importance of seeking legal help after a work-related incident that caused an injury. While the pilot in the story waited so long simply because he claims to not have known any better, workers compensation claims are more common these days and there is no excuse to wait.


Whenever you have been injured at work, no matter how minor the circumstance, it is vital you do not sweep it under the rug and dismiss it. You can never be certain what may come of a seemingly trivial accident. For instance, a small cut during the work day may just be a small cut but down the road, without the proper treatment, can turn into a costly infection.


No matter how small on the job accidents appear to be, it is important to follow the necessary protocol provided by your employer to report and document the incident. If you fail to do so and develop that serious infection which costs you in medical bills or lost wages, you may not have the proper documentation to collect benefits and your failure to follow procedure can cost you your claim approval.