The camaraderie between co-workers is often genuine. Since people work together every day for years on end, many workplaces are a comfortable place to go each day. However, sometimes that level of comfort results in employees ignoring basic safety rules to their own detriment.

The safety rules within a company are established for a reason and they are meant to protect the health and safety of everyone on the job. One specific rule most companies have centers around horseplay or goofing off with those you work with. Even the happiest of workplaces are at risk when employees play around, being physical or playing practical jokes. The reality is someone can get hurt rather seriously during the fun and games.

What occurs in the workplace affects everyone. Practical jokes and pranks have been known to get out of hand without intent, leaving workers injured and unable to perform their job duties. Not only is the injured person at risk for losing income during recovery from their injuries, the parties responsible for causing those injuries may also be out of a job.

It is a wonderful thing to work in a place where everyone gets along well. It definitely can boost productivity and employee morale. However, fun and games should not be a part of the workday in order to protect all for those in the work environment. The protocol for safety is set in place for a purpose and violating those workplace rules of safety and basic etiquette can mean trouble for you and for your co-workers.