Today’s healthcare workers have an increased amount of things to worry about these days. There are new diseases, incurable conditions, and an increased amount of mental health concerns. In fact, there is a real danger to those working with the public who have to face patients that have the potential for violence due to mental health instability.

Many doctors, nurses, and ambulance personnel have been attacked and injured while trying to assist patients in distress. In addition to violence perpetuated on the healthcare professionals, other injuries occur while trying to subdue an out of control patient.

The healthcare industry also has to be proactive about preventing unstable patients from injuring staff in other ways including spreading contagious diseases during an altercation. A bleeding, out of control patient can subject more damage on medical staff than just a black eye or a broken hand.

Protocol and proper training should be a priority of hospitals, clinics, and emergency responders so that all personnel know how to handle the mentally unstable in a manner that is safe for both the patient and the healthcare professional. Those who are in the business of home health may need to take additional precautions in regard to safety measures. In addition to the updated training, personal protective equipment needs to be on hand and appropriately utilized to protect against the transference of disease and other serious health conditions.

Those working in the medical field also need to stay up to date with their own health screenings, vaccinations, and the like. In the event something does happen that results in an injury, notifying administration of an on the job injury is essential.