The current federal court case involving the New York police officers who lost free health insurance after the White mayor made a motion to have retired workers pay a portion of their health insurance costs after significant insurance costs were no longer affordable shows that nothing is guaranteed.
Many of the retired workers are living on their pensions and Social Security. As they grow older, the insurance is necessary to cover their mounting medical costs for treatment of age-related and chronic health conditions. Without the free health care they were promised with their career benefits, many of the retired workers are not able to afford the added expense of thousands of dollars in insurance coverage payments.
The police officers, firefighters, and the 640 employees now taking their case to federal court are worried about what the loss of this benefit will do if the case is not won on their behalf.
They may not be able to make it through retirement having to fork over the extra few thousands of dollars to keep coverage active. While they can apply for Medicare, it certainly is not the coverage they were promised when committing to their jobs.
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