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Vails Gate

The unincorporated community of Vails Gate is a hamlet located in the Town of New Windsor within Orange County, New York. The borders of the 640-acre community touch Newburgh, Firthcliffe, Little Britain, Meadowbrook, and Firthcliffe Heights. Windsor Highway, or New York State Route 32, travels across the town. Silver Stream cuts across the area before dumping into Moodna Creek in the southeastern edge.


While the town is often called New Windsor, it became known by its true name in the 18th century. It was named after a former postmaster, John D. Vail. Vail also became the keeper of the Blooming Grove Turnpike tollgate. He was the first postmaster in the post office that was established in 1850. The post office was originally the Mortonville Post Office but would be renamed. The name Mortonville was derived from one of the early settlers that lived in the Ellison House. Although the residents tried at one point to change the name of the post office to Mortonville, they did not succeed.

Some of the historical landmarks within the community include:

  • 1755 – Knox’s Headquarters
  • 1782 – New Windsor Cantonment
  • 1755 – Edmonston House
  • 1807 – Vails Gate Methodist Church and Cemetery
  • 1967 – Brewster’s Forge Memorial


The community offers a variety of dining options to its residents and visitors, such as:

  • Capri Restaurant & Pizzeria
  • Mina’s Spanish Kitchen
  • Coach Diner
  • Chapala Grill
  • Blend Smoothie and Salad Bar

Some of the schools the residents can attend include:

  • Vails Gate STEAM Academy
  • Kaplan Career Academy
  • Temple Hill Academy
  • Cornwall Central High School


The hamlet was home to 3,319 residents in 2000. This included 1,421 households and 861 families within 1,459 housing units. The breakdown of the area’s races included:

  • 72.34% white 
  • 11.87% African American
  • 19.31% Hispanic or Latino
  • 0.39% Native American
  • 4.19% Asian
  • 0.00% Pacific Islander
  • 7.17% other races
  • 4.04% two or more races

As many as 19.4% of the residents were born outside of the United States. English is spoken by 73.1%, and other languages spoken include Spanish, French and Vietnamese. The ancestries commonly identified with include:

  • 28.4% Italian
  • 15.7% Irish
  • 7.1% Puerto Rican
  • 5.8% Jamaican
  • 4.7% German

The average income per household was $39,851, and the average income for a family was $44,485. The median income for men was $38,636 versus $31,019 for women. A few of the most commonly held profession was:

  • 18.1% administrative
  • 12.6% sales
  • 10.5% personal care
  • 7.5% food service
  • 6.3% facilities
  • 5.5% management

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