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Undiagnosed Medical Conditions May Necessitate Disability Benefits

There are a multitude of people that go through life with a serious but undiagnosed medical condition. In some cases, the symptoms of one illness may mimic other issues and go undiagnosed or even misdiagnosed.

Autism in adults is one of these medical conditions that are often missed in childhood yet still have a profound effect on the person’s adulthood. They may be considered to be a number of things in society because they cannot hold down a job and have difficulty relating to other people. Without a diagnosis of Autism or Aspbergers or other conditions on the autism spectrum, they may be isolated from society and unable to provide a proper life for themselves, especially when their parents or caretakers pass on.

It is important to understand that a wide range of medical conditions may entitle you to the benefits of Social Security so you can adequately care for your disability. Medical intervention is also important, especially if you have had issues since childhood that were never diagnosed. Today’s doctors are more knowledgeable about a host of conditions including those that affect
mental health and are more likely to discover existing problems that have left you basically unable to provide for yourself, financially and otherwise.

With the startling numbers of adults who have undiagnosed autism, it only stands to reason there are a host of other issues that have not been properly treated. Disability benefits are available to help.