There are some summer time specific medical concerns some workers face on the job each season. These are the workers that are affected by outdoor environmental issues such as insect bites, poison ivy and oak, bee stings, and sensitivities to pollen and other environmental factors.

While you and your family may be well-versed in what to do if you get stung by a bee or a wasp, it is equally important that your co-workers be alerted to what can happen in specific situations. If you are on the job and are affected by an allergic reaction, it can be critical that your co-workers know what to do and how to help. Many allergies of this sort can prove deadly without immediate action and treatment. If you are hiding these medical concerns from management and co-workers, your life may be at risk.

If allergic reactions are severe, it will be important that you share your medical issues with your place of employment. Training should be conducted as to how to help you in an emergency situation even if it has been years since you’ve last suffered an episode. Co-workers should be familiarized with how to handle an emergency and administer care or medication if it is required.

Some allergies can quickly cause a person to stop breathing within minutes. Those working around you need to understand what signs may indicate you are in distress and know how to react until emergency help can arrive. Some workers may have other emergency medical concerns including seizures or allergies to certain foods. These emergencies may be common enough but not all people know how to handle the situation properly in order to save another’s life.


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