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This article is provided by the workers’ comp attorneys in Yonkers from The Disability Guys, who are glad to share their recommended chiropractic offices for those who have suffered injuries in an accident. 

Chiropractic Rehabilitation Source

Voted best Yonkers Chiropractor, Chiropractic Rehabilitation Source brings support to their patients by providing advanced chiropractic methods of correction and adjustments. The office uses “state of the art” chiropractic techniques that are proven safer, comfortable, and much more effective than previous methods.

Dr. Alex Hilario has years of knowledge, skills, and practice in helping people receive pain relief with back pain, neck pain, headaches, and other related conditions stemming from the spine. Along with chiropractic services, the facility also offers patients corrective exercises, lifestyle advice, nutritional counseling, massage therapy, and spinal and postural screening.

Hudson Valley Chiropractic & Nutrition Office

With over 40 years of experience, Dr. Striano, a licensed Chiropractor and Clinical Nutritionist, developed an extensive approach to resolving a variety of health problems by using chiropractic services.

He utilizes both pressure and non-force adjustments and also uses muscle training, organ balance, and cranial adjusting to aid the body in returning to a normal function on the physical level. Either trauma or repetitive bad habits trigger physical discomfort. That includes slip and falls, strains, fractures, car collisions, athletic accidents, bad postural patterns, excessive lifting, and so on.

Issues that cause physical stress and discomfort can cause misalignment of the spine, causing spinal nerve pain that can lead to worsening effects if not treated properly.

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Our Local Office

If you more someone you love has suffered injuries in their workplace, contact our experienced Yonkers workers’ compensation attorneys at The Disability Guys for a free consultation. We can help you seek compensation for your injuries, lost income, and any other accident-related expenses.