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5 Reasons Parents Tend To Miss More Work

Parents, especially those of young children, are more prone to calling off of work and missing work hours when their children are ill. It most cases this excuse for missing work is legitimate and unavoidable but the ‘sick child’ excuse can also be used for unexcused absences.

For parents who do not have relatives to rely on during times of illness or emergencies, parents themselves must take off work hours as an extension of their family obligations. The following are the most common reasons why parents call off work:


The school systems and child care facilities around the country typically have regulations in place that prevent parents from sending sick and contagious children to school. With no alternative for child care, parents are relegated to stay home and tend to a sick child until they are allowed to return to their regular routine.

Doctor Appointments

Since most medical providers have business hours during the regular work day, many parents have little choice but to miss work to tend to regular health check ups with physicians, dentists, and other medical specialists.


Parents often receive emergency calls at work which necessitates their leaving to tend to the child. This happens when unexpected accidents or illness affect the child and there is no one else to care for or make decisions for the child.


Many events including school awards, field trips, graduations, or even plays require parental attendance during work hours. Many parents will pre-schedule a day off from work before the date of the event while others will call in sick on the day of the event.

Disciplinary Action

Some parents need to leave work and head to the principal’s office. Most school staff will require meetings during the workday to accommodate their own schedules. Disciplinary meetings may necessitate the need for parents to take of work and be present for any corrective actions such as suspension or expulsion.