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Too Depressed to Work?

While Americans are known to tout the blahs of Mondays, there are some who feel like everyday is a Monday. They have no ambition, no motivation, and lack concentration on even the most basic matters. Depression is a serious medical condition that often has to be treated with medical therapy and medication.

Too often though depression goes without proper diagnosis and those who have it often do not realize their fatigue and sadness is an actual medical condition. Depression, if left untreated, can lead to other mental health concerns and serious concerns such as self-harm and suicide.

When you are feeling burnt out on the job and have no desire to even get out of bed most mornings, it can be more than just feeling blah. It is important to go to your physician and discuss your feelings. Allow the doctor to evaluate your symptoms and then follow their direction for treating the depression ailing you. It is especially important to take your medication as directed or risk incurring other medical issues.

Being too depressed to work can seriously work against you. Your lack of motivation and productivity can be viewed as something besides a medical condition. Failing in job performance can mean you stand at risk for losing your job. This situation can quickly spiral out of control and lead to bigger problems including a worsening of depressive episodes.

It is important for you to go to your doctor if you feel you are depressed. Depression needs to be accurately diagnosed and treated before it gets out of hand and becomes a risk to you and others on the job. For instance, extreme fatigue and lack of focus can cause serious injuries on the job.