In order to prevent injuries to people and damage to property, construction sites need a detailed safety plan in place for what should be done during unusual weather conditions like hurricanes and tropical storms. The high winds and flooding conditions of these major storms can result in unsafe conditions around construction sites. A construction safety plan should indicate what types of severe weather conditions require the actions specified within the plan.

Preparing Construction Sites for Severe Weather

Construction safety plans should include the following precautions, at a minimum:

  • When a hurricane or tropical storm is predicted to pass through a construction zone, all work should stop at the site.
  • Construction equipment that cannot be stored inside buildings should be secured to the site, and all loose materials and tools must be put away or tied down.
  • Building and construction inspectors should check that cranes, hoists and scaffolding are all secured properly to withstand heavy winds and rain conditions.

If these precautions aren’t taken, there is a high risk for construction related injuries to both construction workers and passerby’s – not to mention severe damage to property located near the site.

Inspecting Construction Sites After Severe Weather

Once the hurricane or tropical storm has made it’s way through the construction site, the area and equipment must be inspected carefully to ensure it was not damaged prior to being used again. Safety inspectors should be brought into construction sites to ensure the equipment is safe for employees to resume working to ensure the safety of all construction workers and people near construction sites after a storm to prevent construction accidents.

OSHA requires equipment inspections before and after severe weather, like hurricanes and tropical storms.