This article on the history of Tuckahoe, New York is brought to you by the Tuckahoe workers’ comp attorneys at The Disability Guys.

Tuckahoe, New York is a village that sits in Westchester County. The village is only one and a half miles long and three-quarters of a mile wide. The Bronx River serves as a border on the western side of the village.

Tuckahoe’s Early Settlements

Like all of the United States, the first inhabitants of the Tuckahoe region were Native Americans. In New York, it was the Lenape tribes that made their homes across the area. The Lenape would have semi-permanent settlements, using a portion of the land to grow crops for a time until they found the land had been exhausted and they moved to a different location. In fact, the name Tuckahoe is a Native American word for the various roots they used for food.

Downtown Tuckahoe near workers' comp law firm. In 1664, Thomas Pell, an English settler, brought several families to the area to begin a new farming settlement. It wasn’t long before dozens of other families joined the original ten. The area grew rapidly. New York and the surrounding areas, include Tuckahoe, remained in British possession until the end of the American Revolution.

Tuckahoe remained farmland for many decades. Then in the 1800s, it was discovered that the area was ripe with marble. Tuckahoe soon became a center for marble quarrying and the railroad was brought to the area so that the industry could grow. Marble shipped from Tuckahoe was used to build structures like the New York Public Library, the Capitol Building, and the Washington Monument!

Over the years, many manufacturing companies made their home in Tuckahoe, bringing additional jobs to the region.

Tuckahoe Demographics

Today the village has a population of more than 6,000 people. The average household size is 2.27 and the population has a median age of 40. The median income for a household is $129,406.

The village can be reached easily, with train stations that have 30 min trips to Grand Central Station in New York City.

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