This post will provide a brief history of Mt. Vernon, New York and has been shared by the Mt. Vernon workers’ compensation lawyers at The Disability Guys.

The Lenape: The First Inhabitants Of New York

Mt. Vernon near workers' comp law firm. Many Americans forget that the land was inhabited when European settlers arrived in the 1600s. For thousands of years, before the Dutch arrived, the Lenape tribe fished, hunted, and planted crops on the land. The tribe, which is divided into clans, would construct a temporary village. The village would be moved when clan elders determined that the surrounding land was becoming exhausted.

The Dutch traded furs and other goods with the Lenape for the land that would become New York, including the area that is now called Mt. Vernon.

Mt. Vernon, A History

Mt. Vernon, NY was founded in 1664 by families that moved to the area from Connecticut. By 1853, Mt. Vernon was officially named a village and became a city in 1892.

In 1894, Mt. Vernon had the opportunity to become part of New York City and voters were asked for their opinion. The overwhelming response from voters, however, was no.

A few notable sites in the city include the Public Library which was donated by Andrew Carnegie in 1904 and St. Paul’s Church which has been designated as a national historic site.

Notable Residents Of Mt. Vernon, NY

Here are a few of the notable residents who live in or previously lived in Mt. Vernon:

  • Ben Gordon: a former NBA player who played professional basketball for 11 seasons;
  • Roz Kelly: an actress known for her role on Happy Days;
  • Denzel Washington: an actor;
  • Pete Rock: a record producer;
  • DMX: a rapper.

Our Mt. Vernon workers’ comp attorneys hope that you’ve enjoyed this post about the history of Mt. Vernon. It’s a wonderful city full of culture and history!