Did you know that storms and other weather emergencies put your workers at increased risk of getting injured? Storms, therefore, can raise your workers’ compensation costs, especially if you have employees who work outside or spend most of their time on the road.


Storms Cause Dangerous Driving Conditions


Driving is the most dangerous thing that a person can do during a storm. Reduced visibility, slick conditions, and gusts of wind can make it easy for even an expert driver to have an accident. The National Weather Service even says that about 70 percent of the accidents that happen during a storm occur on the road.


Accidents, of course, can make your car insurance rates go up, too. Getting your drivers off the road during a storm is the right ethical and financial choice.


Getting Caught in a Storm


20 percent of accidents that take place during a storm happen just because people get stuck outside. When your employees don’t have a safe place to stay during the storm, they could get hit by lighting, develop hypothermia, slip no slippery pavement, or get electrocuted by downed power lines.


If at all possible, employers should find safe places for their workers to stay during storms. Safety is a relative term, though. A trailer could keep your work crew safe during a mild storm. During a tropical storm, though, a trailer could just create more problems.


Use common sense and pay attention to weather forecast warnings to help you make a decision that will keep your employees safe.