Just because you are assigned a worker’s compensation adjuster does not mean that person is competent or even cares about your specific case. Most adjusters with a good reputation do take the time to get to know you and make sure all of the details of your claim have been addressed so that you feel comfortable with the work being done.

Unfortunately there are also adjusters working for a paycheck who do not do what is necessary to ensure your worker’s compensation claim is handled correctly. If you are working with an adjuster who proves to be difficult or is not handling your paperwork in a timely manner, it can ultimately hurt your case.

Being injured on the job is no one’s idea of fun and having an adjuster who is slow and inefficient is not going to help matters in the least. A worker’s compensation claim needs attention to detail and you, as the injured party, need to have your concerns addressed. If you feel your compensation adjuster is not doing their job correctly, you have a right to request another adjuster be assigned to the claim.

If you find that you face brick walls with your worker’s compensation claim every time you turn around, it may be time to get the legal help you need to prevent your worker’s compensation claim from going the wrong way. We can evaluate your case for free and give you the legal advice necessary to repair mistakes caused by a inefficient claims adjuster.


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