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Three NY Workers’ Comp Insurance Adjuster Tricks: Delay! Dispute! Deny!

Many times when we speak with injured New York workers who have been struggling to get their workers’ compensation claim or appeal approved we hear about all the problems they’ve had with their insurance adjuster.  You may have had a similar experience.  We are continually amazed at the lengths insurance adjusters will go to avoid paying you the workers’ comp benefits you deserve.


Three favorite insurance adjuster tricks are DELAY, DISPUTE, DENY.


  • DELAY: The adjuster won’t return your phone calls promptly, they’ll always find another piece of paperwork that you must fill out or another piece of information that you must provide.  Or they’ll drag their feet on getting you authorization for a medical procedure that you need.  This tactic is effective because many workers just give up – make sure you don’t fall for this trick, too.
  • DISPUTE:  The adjuster will find any reason under the sun to claim that you aren’t really injured, you really are able to go back to work, you don’t need a procedure or therapy that your doctor thinks you need, and on and on.  They know that if they push back on you enough, they’ll eventually wear you down and you won’t keep fighting as hard for what you deserve.
  • DENY:  After giving you the runaround, the adjuster may just outright state that you do not need further treatment or that you are ready to go back to work and don’t deserve any more benefits.  Remember, these adjusters are working hard – for the insurance company – NOT for YOU.  They want to keep costs down, and if they can avoid paying for your benefits, that’s more money in their pockets.


Don’t be an insurance pawn!  Get REAL help from NY workers’ comp attorneys who know how to fight back!


Don’t let insurance adjuster games get you down – it happens to everyone.  Keep in mind that the adjuster is hoping you’ll just give up.  Show them that you mean business – contact the law offices of Markhoff & Mittman today to see how they we can go to battle for you.


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They kept my best interests at heart. Updates on a regular basis of the status of the case and returning of calls was much more prompt after I started dealing with the same lawyers and support team.
Danielle Dexter, Workers Comp Client from Westchester County