After August 2, those who receive funds from various federal government safety net programs may have a lot more to worry about. The debt ceiling decisions are still undecided and as a result, Americans expecting Social Security checks in the mail may not get anything come August if an agreement is not reached.

In addition to the halt of Social Security payments to recipients, those who are involved in food stamp programs, receive subsidies for child care or housing, or use benefits from the nation’s health insurance programs Medicaid and Medicare. If a decision is not made by the August deadline, the Treasury Department will not have enough money to furnish checks to the 80-plus million people who are awaiting them. This also includes paychecks for soldiers in active duty status, federal workers payroll, and tax refunds that are due to Americans.

The federal government has been making announcements about the state of the nation regularly with President Obama urging citizens to speak up to local politicians to encourage the end of the impasse if they want to receive August payments. Obama has stated he can not guarantee who, if anyone, will receive payments.

Those who depend on the government benefits and paychecks may have great difficulty making ends meet if checks are halted. Statistics estimate that one in six people receive some kind of federal assistance.  In fact, recipients of federal aid have increased by a significant percentage in the last few years as the American economy continues to struggle and unemployment rates are still high.

If the government does default, there is expected to be an immediate financial crisis for many dependent on federal funds. There is no indication as of yet as to when or if the government will be able to come to a resolution before checks and programs funds are stopped.