There are many common skin diseases and some not-so-common skin diseases that can leave you in chronic pain and embarrassed to be seen in public. Because the skin of the human body is on display for all to see, a condition that leaves your skin scaly, inflamed, or otherwise disfigured, you may find it hard to resume your daily routines including working at your job.


Skin diseases can cause issues with your self-esteem, resulting in psychological problems like depression. Not only are skin problems hard to look at and cope with some can prove fatal such as with melanoma. Skin conditions have the potential to put you out of work for long stretches of time while you seek treatment and work on recovery. The contagious skin conditions require that you do not interact with other people, including co-workers at your job so you don’t risk transmitting the condition to others.


Many skin conditions are treatable if diagnosed and treated early. A dermatologist is medical specialist for skin conditions and you will likely be referred to one by your family physician. It is essential that you follow through with these appointments rather than ignore developing problems with your skin. In the case of melanoma, an early diagnosis is essential for treatment. Waiting just a few weeks too long can prove fatal for some people.