Reactionary injuries on the job can happen at any time. Quickly moving to get out of the way of a potential danger or trying to stop an expected fall can result in injuries to your body. Unfortunately, many injuries sustained when responding to a danger are overlooked by workers and go unreported to management, causing potential problems in a future workers compensation case.


If you have been in a situation at work where you had to react to something such as preventing a fall or backing out of the way of a moving forklift, it is wise to report the near-accident on the job to management. Many reactionary injuries do not start causing pain and limited mobility immediately. Muscles end up seizing up during the evening when your body is at rest and if you do not report such incidents to your employer, it can complicate your claim for workers compensation benefits.


While you may not realize your injury is more serious than it first appears, it is smart to err on the side of caution and follow the protocol for reporting incidents on the job as they occur. In the event you need to seek medical treatment in the coming days, your employer will have the proper information concerning the incident. If you choose to ignore the protocol for filing an incident report, it may be difficult to relate your injury to a work-related activity.


Workers compensation claims can be difficult to navigate and it is important to seek medical attention if you suspect your body has sustained an injury. Follow up your medical examination with a free consultation with our legal team to discuss your injury on the job.  We can provide the proper guidance to help lower the risk your claim for compensation will be denied.