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Even the Smallest Injury Requires Fast Action

People in any work environment are susceptible to an on-the-job injury. Many of these injuries occur every day and may at first seem minor in nature so they go unreported to the proper department or management team. Unfortunately, these seemingly tiny injuries develop more serious complications several days down the road. However, if employees have not reported the incident at the time it occurred, they often find themselves without recourse or assistance in paying for medical care and treatments.

There is a lot involved when it comes to the laws and regulations of work-related injuries for both the injured worker and the employer. The employer is required to report any on the job injuries within a 10 day time period. They have protocol they must adhere to and can get fined if they do not follow through and have proof of the incident and their response to it.

As long as you as the employee have done your due diligence and reported the incident as required by the employer, you will be protecting your own rights towards a workers compensation claim. Once the reporting has taken place, the employer has responsibilities they must attend to in a timely fashion. If this does not happen, you certainly need to retain professional assistance for ensuring your rights as an injured worker are protected.

In some cases, an employer will not report accidents, injuries, and other incidents as required by OSHA. They neglect to do this in order to save money. In many other cases however, the employee is the one who fails to mention the occurrence and subsequent injury when it happened. It is only later when the hurt employee comes back looking for medical treatment bill payments, only then admitting to what happened does the employer even know something occurred.

As an employee, there is a responsibility for reporting accidents and injuries as soon as they occur, no matter how small it may seem at the time. Small cuts can progress into serious infections. Simple trips and falls can result in fractures or breaking of bones. One can never tell about the resulting consequences of an injury until more time has passed or a medical diagnosis is received.


If you have suffered from an injury on the job and did your part to report it but received no further action or guidance on the part of the employer, you need an attorney experienced in workers compensation cases to review the situation immediately; otherwise you risk jeopardizing your chances at recovery. Contact our office by phone at 855-614-4351 or using our online contact form to schedule a free evaluation of your injury case and potential workers compensation claim.

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They kept my best interests at heart. Updates on a regular basis of the status of the case and returning of calls was much more prompt after I started dealing with the same lawyers and support team.
Danielle Dexter, Workers Comp Client from Westchester County