If you are being treated for medical conditions surrounding a workers compensation claim, remember it is in your best interest to use only what your own physician prescribes for your condition. All too often people are taking medication not prescribed for them specifically. Not all situations are malicious in nature as is the case when drug addictions are involved. Many people offer their friends and relatives unused medication to save money.


If you are injured at work and must be treated with a prescription drug, use only what your doctor prescribes. Not only is it illegal to take other people’s prescription medication, it is also incredibly dangerous to your health. Saving money should not be an issue as workers compensation benefits will cover your prescription medications. Your health and well-being should be your primary concern.


Taking medication not prescribed for you can do your body harm. A doctor prescribes medication based on your weight, age, and past medical history. You may think you are taking a safe drug but it may not be safe enough for your particular medical situation. Dosages are prescribed based on numerous factors including age, weight, and current health so you may unintentionally overdose on medication you think is helping.


Additionally if you are taking medication reckless, you are at risk for losing your claim to benefits or your job if you end up testing positive for medications not being prescribed for you.  The risk of becoming addicted to some prescription medication used to treat pain is also a possibility. Err on the side of caution and never take any prescription medication without being under the supervision and guidance of your doctor.


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