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Accidents at Work- When Prescription Drug Use Leads To An Accident

When it comes to drug use in the work place, the line dividing what is acceptable and unacceptable has shifted in recent years. Studies have suggested that while the number of employees testing positive for illegal drugs has declined, the number of individuals working under the influence of prescription drugs has risen. Advances in medicine have made it possible for individuals who years ago would have been unable to work, to continue to do so while managing chronic illnesses and conditions with prescription drugs.

Unfortunately many of the medications prescribed to workers can also cause side affects which may be dangerous. Employers must protect themselves, other employees and the public while at the same time making sure individual rights are not violated. When prescription drug use is believed to be the cause of a workplace accident, the line becomes even more blurred.

Adding to this confusion is the fact that laws vary from state to state regarding employee use of prescription drugs. It is very important for employers to understand their role in preventing workplace accidents and protecting public safety. At the same time, employees need to know their rights if they taking prescription medications under the supervision of their doctor.

If you have been involved in a workplace accident resulting from prescription drug use, it is imperative you learn exactly where you stand in the eyes of the law. Schedule an appointment with an experienced workers compensation attorney to discuss your situation and your rights.