Employers that want to keep their worker’s compensation costs down should consider using surveillance cameras. Surveillance cameras can prevent fraudulent workers’ compensation claims. They also add extra security that can protect your business and your employees.

Surveillance Cameras Give You Evidence

Surveillance cameras primarily benefit businesses by giving them objective evidence that can dispute an employee’s workers’ compensation claim. When you have evidence showing that an accident did not take place, then you can immediately prove that you do not owe the claimant any compensation.

By installing cameras, you even reduce the rate of fraudulent claims without going to court or hiring a lawyer. Employees who know that cameras are watching them are much less likely to file false claims.


Understand Privacy Rights Before Installing Cameras

Before you install surveillance cameras at your workplace, you need to understand where you can place them. You can automatically rule out restrooms and showers. You should not put a camera in any place where employees need to remove their clothing. This could mean that you need to avoid locker rooms, too.

In most cases, you can place cameras in any “public” place. This includes your store or work floor. You might, however, have to inform your employees and others that they are being watched. A simple sign takes care of this legal matter while also deterring theft and reducing false workers’ comp claims.

Any company that wants to reduce its workers’ compensation expenses should consider installing cameras, but you need to know the most effective, legal approaches to surveillance.