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Reasons for Missing Work: Car Trouble

There are many legitimate reasons for missing work that employers will understand such as missing work for family emergencies, for deaths in the family, or in order to care for a sick child. These emergency situations are often unexpected and unavoidable since many employers are chiefly responsible for caring for their family members.


There are also many not-so-legitimate excuses for missing work that people use to skip out on a few hours or a few days of job responsibility. One of the most common reasons employees give to their bosses for missing work hours is due to car trouble. While this excuse is often used to save their jobs, there are actual situations where our vehicles will break down on the way to work, preventing us from making it to work on time or at all.


Many people will need to have their vehicles repaired as soon as possible in order to have reliable transportation. This can result in employees having to take off the entire workday off in order to tend to repairs. This can be a difficult situation for employees to be in especially when deadlines are looming and work is due.


It is important to keep your supervisor in the loop about why you are missing work and when you expect to be back. If you have responsibilities and deadlines that can jeopardize your job, it may be in your best interest to find alternative transportation to the office and have car repairs attended to at a later time.


Consider an alternative plan for getting to work if your vehicle will not start in the morning or if you have a breakdown on the way into work. Family members or co-workers who can provide transportation can help prevent trouble with your employer for unscheduled time off. If your vehicle will need several days until repairs can be completed, make plans to have transportation to and from work in advance. Consider a carpool situation with workers who live nearby your home and return the favor when your vehicle is back in action.