You may get laughed off the work floor for complaining about a callus or a blister but if you are constantly developing these conditions that affect your skin, you really need to request the protective gear necessary to protect yourself in a manual labor jobs.


A sturdy pair of work gloves that fit well are a great way to protect the skin on your hands and prevent the development of calluses and blisters. While these injuries may be minor, they can become chronic and lead to infections and more serious concerns. Proper fitting work gear and protective equipment is necessary to ensure an employee’s comfort as well as their safety.


Manual work where you are on your feet each day for long periods of time will require study but comfortable shoes. The development of corns and blisters can eventually make it difficult to even put on a work boot without pain. This can interrupt your ability to work and work safely. Loose fitting shoes already pose a hazard to your work safety.


If you perform repetitive motion activities on the job where you handle materials that rub against your hands, you may develop painful blisters and calluses that make it too hard to touch materials. If working unprotected with existing blisters, you may be bringing yourself undue pain that limits your ability to get the job done.