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Utilizing PPE Essential for Your Worker’s Compensation Claim

When you work in an environment under potentially hazardous conditions, the health and safety codes of your company likely outlines very specific precautionary measures to be taken by employees on the job. It is essential that employees heed this information and follow directions on a day to day basis for more reasons than one. Obviously, the primary reason for following safety guidelines is to protect the health and well-being of all employees on the job. This is particularly important when it comes to personal protective equipment, also known as PPE.

Personal protective equipment includes the supplies and equipment necessary to protect an individual from injury on the job. Items like welding mask to protect the face and eyes of a welder should be utilized each and every minute on the job. Helmets, hard-hats, face masks, and gloves are also common forms of PPE that should be used to protect an employee for regular work dangers that can lead to worker’s compensation.

The problems with every day PPE is that many employees opt not to wear them or wear them improperly because they are used to the daily tasks and have a sort of confidence that nothing bad could happen. However, just one mistake when not wearing the proper safety equipment can have a serious negative impact on a filing for worker’s compensation benefits. Not following the rules and requirements of the work environment can create a lot of red tape for your legal recourse against the employer.

It is good practice for employees to not only wear the issued gear but to also wear it properly. A hard hat not positioned correctly on the head can lead to more serious injuries should something fall. Employers should also provide the correct training for wearing or utilizing equipment properly for the safety of all concerned.