The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, more commonly referred to as The Guggenheim, is one of the New York City’s most popular museums. Built in 1937, this expansive art museum has been building its collection for over 80 years. Additionally, they host a rotation of temporary exhibits from artists spanning all cultures and disciplines. If you’re planning a museum trip in NYC, our New York City worker’s compensation lawyers highly recommend a trip to the Guggenheim. Here are some exhibits and collections you can expect to see there:

Hilma af Klint: Paintings for the Future

Hilma af Klint (1862-1944) was an abstract artist known for her bold and colorful paintings. She began her art career later in life, in 1906 when she was 46 years old. Today, af Klint is known as one of the most influential figures in the history of abstract art. However, she was a very private artist during her lifetime and rarely exhibited her works. Her work was mostly unseen until 1986, over 40 years after her death. The Paintings in the Future exhibit offers a rare chance to appreciate the variety of works from this iconic abstract artist.

R.H. Quaytman: +x, Chapter 34

+ x, Chapter 34 is an exhibit featuring paintings from contemporary artist R.H. Quaytman, who uses several pictorial and conceptual techniques in his work. His works explain how a painting creates meaning through its content, context, mode of production, and other factors. This new group of paintings will be shown alongside Hilma af Klint: Paintings for the Future.

Guggenheim Collection: Brancusi

The Guggenheim is currently hosting a showcase of works by Constantin Brancusi in a gallery space dedicated to their permanent collection. During the early 20th century, Brancusi made a name for himself as one of the most influential modern sculptors. His works are said to have changed the future o the whole genre. The Guggenheim began collecting Brancusi’s work in the mid-1950s and held the first major exhibition of the artist’s work in 1955. In this exhibit, you can view a large selection of his sculptures from the Guggenheim collection, alongside photographs of the artist in his studio.

Thannhauser Collection

The Thannhauser Collection is another part of the permanent collection at the Guggenheim and currently on view. This collection focuses on impressionist, post-impressionist, and modern French works from master artists like Degas, Gaugin, Kandinsky, Picasso, and many others.

Collection at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Over the course of the past 80 years, New York’s branch of the Guggenheim has acquired an extremely impressive collection of artworks from a wide range of eras and artistic styles. Some of the artists that can be found in the permanent collection include:

  • Bani Abidi
  • Marina Abramovic
  • Vito Acconci
  • Josef Albers
  • Pierre Alechinsky
  • Khadim Ali
  • Carl Andre
  • Jean Arp
  • Kader Attia
  • Matthew Barney
  • and many, many more