As a measure of safety and protection for workers on the job as well as members of the public, the Workers Compensation Board in the State of New York strictly prohibits the carrying or bearing of firearms and other dangerous weapons on the Board’s premises. This policy applies to all employees, legal representatives, witnesses, and any visitors who are on-site at the Board’s offices or hearing locations.

Anyone not following these policies concerning dangerous weapons will be subjected to disciplinary actions. The policies also include any law enforcement officers who are serving as a witness in a workers compensation hearing whether or not they are officially on duty. Officers’ weapons will be secured per regulations of their law enforcement agency. In the event a law enforcement officer cannot secure their weapons in a timely manner, their testimony will be rescheduled to another time. The only time law enforcement officers are allowed to bear firearms in the Board’s office is during special instances such as during their response to an emergency situation or when the Board’s Office of Security requests their appearance in special cases.

The New York State Workers Compensation Board requests that legal representatives including attorneys and insurance carriers inform all parties scheduled to appear at hearings in Board offices to not bring firearms or other weapons into the proceedings. If there is a violation of policy, there may be delays in the adjudication of the case. All claimants and other involved parties are giving written notification of firearms and weapons policies at the time they receive their notice of hearing.