There have been many headlines about cab drivers being fatally shot while doing their job. This type of driving job is one of the most dangerous industries to work in whether in a big city or smaller town. Currently, drivers in the city are not allowed to carry weapons to protect themselves from harm as a matter of general public safety. Recently, however, a group representing multiple cab dispatchers has asked for that law to change.

It is not likely that cab drivers, bus drivers or other public transportation employees will be allowed to arm themselves against violence. However, the increase in injuries and fatalities does prove that perhaps more job training is necessary in order for public transportation drivers to be safe on the streets and to protect innocent passengers from violence.

Cab drivers are often injured when riders want to get out of paying the fare they owe. As many drivers will attempt to secure their payment, they are often seriously wounded or even killed over a few dollars. It is important for all drivers to understand the proper way to protect themselves when such a dispute occurs. Otherwise, violent acts may result.

Drivers should also be trained for dealing with unruly passengers during a fare so as not to be distracted enough to get into a vehicle accident. These situations can occur in broad daylight or the dead of night and all drivers should know what to do so arrive safely as their destination.
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