The Attorney General of New York is promoting the latest efforts to reduce the amount of illegal drug use and drug trafficking in the state through the I-STOP laws which provides doctors and pharmacists with an online database containing information about real-time activity for controlled substances. The online database will be available as of August 2013.

Prescription drug abuse has been an ongoing problem across the nation. Hydrocodone is one of the most abused opioid drugs and is the contributing factor in three out of four overdose deaths due to medications. Drug overdose fatalities are on the rise for the 11th year in a row around the country and states are still working to help control the illegal activity that is often accompanied by fatal consequences.

New York alone has seen a significant increase in the amount of hydrocodone prescription being issued in all regions of the state. It is the most commonly prescribed narcotic controlled substance in New York. While many prescriptions are legitimate, there are also many individuals accessing this narcotic painkiller for resale or for recreational drug use. This drug is very addictive and can have long lasting consequences for those that abuse it.

Many workers compensation recipients are prescribed the painkiller to deal with their work-related injuries. In addition to the concerns of becoming addicted to the medication, there are also great risks associated with the injury potential to others if you are under the influence of drugs while on the job. It is important to follow your doctor’s instructions and avoid activity where injury or fatalities are possible due to the nature of the medication and its effects on your behavior.