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New Windsor

New Windsor is located in the eastern section of Orange County in the state of New York. The town takes up 23,718.4 acres, of which 1,913.6 is water that consists of Browns Pond, Crest View Lake, and Moodna Creek. The eastern border lies on the Hudson River, as most of the western border is consumed by the Stewart State Forest. It shares a border with the city of Newburgh. The communities that are located in the town include Little Brittain, Rock Tavern, and Vails Gate.

Early History

The  Munsee people, a subtribe of the Lenape Native Americans, were the first dwellers of the area. They were often called the Wolf tribe of the Lenape and were considerably more warlike. They helped the Esopus tribe attack the Dutch settlers in 1669.

In 1685, Governor Thomas Dongan purchased the land from the Munsee people and, with the aid of David Toshack and Major Patrick McGregorie, his brother-in-law, began the settlement of the Scottish colony. In 1762, the Town of New Windsor and Newburgh separated into separate precincts.

The area served as a major depot during the Revolutionary War for both the Continental Army and Army Medical Department. The residents supported the leaders and war efforts. During 1782, many encampments were set up throughout the area covering 1600 acres. These camps initiated the building of the following facilities:

  • outbuildings
  • guardhouses
  • blacksmith shops
  • a stable
  • kitchens
  • a hospital

A religious temple was also constructed. It also served as a meeting hall, and a ball was held after the completion. General George Washington established the Badge of Merit, now known as the Purple Heart, to honor the faithfulness and fidelity of soldiers. A portion of this area consisting of 167 acres has been preserved by the town and the National Temple Hill Association since 1936.

Historical Sites

Given the area’s rich history, it is no wonder that so many historical sites have been preserved. Some of these included are:

  • Knox’s Headquarters
  • Squire Patton House
  • Edmonston House
  • Thomas McDowell House

Some of the historical churches include:

  • 1789 – Vails Gate United Methodist Church
  • 1818 – St. Thomas Episcopal Church
  • 1880 – St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church
  • 1962 – Ridgecrest Baptist Church


The town’s population was 22,866 residents, which consisted of 8,396 households and 6,078 families. The town had 8,759 housing units. The racial breakdown of the townspeople included the following:

  • 84.72% white 
  • 6.76% African American
  • 11.10% Hispanic or Latino
  • 0.27% Native American
  • 1.73% Asian
  • 0.05% Pacific Islander
  • 4.17% other races
  • 2.30% two or more races

The median income in the area was $51,113, while the family median income was $58,292. The occupational breakdown included the following:

  • 11.89% sales jobs
  • 10.65% office and administrative support positions
  • 8.96% management occupations

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