Appeals for Social Security Disability benefits are now at an all-time high in the past year and new applicants need to understand what this may mean to their claim for benefits.

In 2011 alone there were over 3 million appeals received by the Social Security Administration with two-thirds of the appeals being denied by the SSA during the initial processing phase. Over 850,000 people have continued to appeal the denial, resulting in almost as many appeal requests clogging up the system at the SSA’s offices.

The increasing number of application denials stems from the increase in applications being filed. Additionally many applications are denied due to incomplete forms and mistakes on the individual applications. Individuals are going through an often complicated process they don’t quite understand and it results in errors that get their application for benefits thrown out.

In order to ensure your claim for Social Security disability benefits is approved the first time, it can help to enlist the assistance of a qualified Social Security attorney who can help walk you through the initial filing process. In the event your claim is denied initially, your attorney can help you file the proper documents to appeal the denial. Applicants with attorney assistance are more likely to be awarded the maximum amount in Social Security benefits for which they qualify.

When you need to rely on the financial benefits due to your health conditions and disability, it can be difficult to survive a long application and appeals process. Having the help of a qualified attorney will help to keep you on track and ensure you stand a change of having your initial application approved without further issue.