When the snow falls, it can really put workers in danger of some of the common winter related accidents that occur. It is important for safeguards to be in place to protect employees from suffering on the job injuries due to winter conditions.

Here is a look at some of the winter-related work accidents to consider when working:winter related work injuries new york

Vehicle Accidents

Snow covered, icy roadways can be dangerous to those driving for a living. Many accidents occur for truck drivers, delivery personnel, and even heavy equipment operators facing winter time inclement weather. Those that work to clear roads and plow snow are also at increased risk for work hazards.

Falling Objects

Those in charge of clearing winter storm-related debris are at risk for injury. Falling branches, downed power lines, and even hanging icicles can all cause injury to those below.


Working in the freezing temperatures without proper insulation from gloves, boots, hats, and other gear can lead to frostbite when skin is not properly covered.

Slip and Falls

Walking on icy areas often leads to slip and fall injuries on the job. Reactionary injuries can also result when individuals try to rebalance or stop the fall. Muscle sprains and bone breaks are common injuries in icy conditions.


Working long hours to remove winter storm related issues can lead to dehydration issues. In the freezing temperatures, workers often neglect to drink enough water to stay properly hydrated.


Road clearing crews often get called to duty for long periods of time to get the work done. This overtime can lead to exhaustion which also can pose a safety risk. Tired workers tend to make mistakes that can lead to other injuries on the job.

Back Injuries

Removing snow and other debris from winter time storms can result in injuries to the back. Shoveling and lifting heavy loads of snow can cause a lot of strain to the muscles.

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