There are a lot of workers that get called out in the worst of weather to make things safer for the general public we can lead to injuries on the job. Due to the nature of their work, these crews are at increased risk of safety issues while trying to make conditions better for the public.

Plow drivers, snow removal laborers, electric utility workers, and equipment operators are all at risk of a variety of safety issues after a winter storm strikes. There are crews that must go out at all hours of the day and night to keep roadwaysinjury on the job new york and sidewalks safe. These crews are susceptible to injury on the job like vehicle accidents, slip and fall injuries, electrocution, hypothermia, and exhaustion due to the nature of their work.

Exhaustion can be particularly dangerous to employees. Getting called in the middle of the night may mean workers are going on the job without enough sleep. There may also be concerns of crews having to pull long shifts to keep up with falling snow and icy conditions. This exhaustion can be a serious safety concern. Tired workers that are responsible for driving or operating equipment can make fatal mistakes in judgment which leads to accidents and injuries. Workers need to be well rested and alert during their work to ensure no one is hurt on the job.

Working in the outdoor elements does require proper training to avoid injuries from muscle strains and to ensure all workers are properly protected from the elements of winter. Since many road crews are working long hours outside in freezing temperatures, proper gear to prevent frostbite is essential. Insulated clothing, gloves, and boots are necessary to prevent damage to the skin. Frostbite that is severe can lead to amputation which leads to other injuries on the job in New York.

What To Do About Injury on The Job in New York

The workplace itself needs to be properly cleaned up after a snow storm. Employees arriving or leaving work should be safeguarded against falls on sidewalks or injuries from snow covered work sites. Business owners also need to exercise caution when ensuring customers and the general public are not at risk for injury by salting public walkways and removing snow efficiently.

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