If you have to miss work frequently for doctor’s appointments, you obviously have some personal things to take care of that are hard to do after business hours. Most employers are understanding when you have medical issues to take care of but will only tolerate so much time off from work without proof of your activities.


Employers should have provided the specific requirements for taking time off for doctor appointments, sick time, and vacation days. You will likely be required to schedule the time off in advance to prevent problems at work in your absence. Some employers will use seniority to schedule missed work hours meaning those who have been employed the longest get to first choose which days they will be off before others with less seniority can schedule time off.


Even if you follow the required protocol for missing work for legitimate reasons, there may still be issues that result when your employer becomes suspicious of your reasons for missing work. While your doctor’s appointments will likely occur during business hours, so too will job interviews for new employment. If employers are concerned about your missed work hours, your job stability may be in question.


The best way to handle missing time from work is to document your activities and offer your employee proof when you can. For instance, you will want to request excuse forms from your doctor that prove you were getting medical attention. Doctor’s offices likely have to be asked to provide you with the excuse form so don’t forget it before leaving the office. If you have to miss work for a doctor’s appointment that was scheduled in advance, make a copy of your appointment card or letter that documents your appointment dates and time.


If you have a medical issue that requires multiple doctor appointments, you should check with your employer before setting up your medical appointments to discuss your situation. Assure your employer you will follow protocol for missing work and provide them with the appointment dates and time in advance so there will not be any complications for your need to attend multiple appointments. You may also want to ask your doctor for documentation that proves your reasons for missing work.


If you have had to miss work for medical appointments related to an on the job injury, be sure to consult with an experienced workers compensation attorney to protect your rights. You can schedule a free evaluation of your claim by calling us toll free at 888-799-3918 or by using our online contact form.