There are many people who take at least one mental health day from work when they can no longer handle the stress of their job or their personal lives. These mental health days are often understandable provided proper notice is given and protocol is followed for missing time from work.


Workers who miss time from work to recover from stress and recharge their batteries should only take this time off if it is truly necessary. Mental health days are not to be used as an excuse to play hooky from your job. They should be used for the right reasons so as not to jeopardize your job.


When you take a mental health day from work, be sure to do what your intentions were in the first place. You are trying to recover from too much stress so it will be important to get rest. It’s a good time to catch up on your sleep if you have been fatigued and finding it hard to rest during the work week. If sleep is not possible, at least take the time to relax your body and your mind by reading, relaxing to music, or just resting for the majority of the day. These are likely things you cannot do during a busy work week.


You can also use the time to organize and prioritize the things that are causing you stress. Spend your time sorting through your issues and prioritize the things you need to do. This can go a long way to making you feel personally productive and improving your mood. Our busy schedules often prevent us from completing basic household chores that stress us out when we are at home.


It is equally important to use the time to your advantage and not compromise your job by posting about your day off activities online through the social networks. You don’t want to tell your business to the world, especially to your co-workers or employer, who are hard at work while you are stretched out on the couch doing nothing. Be discreet about your time off of work.


If stress on the job has escalated into related health problems, you should consult with our legal team about your claim for workers compensation benefits. You can reach us toll free at 888-799-3918 or through our online contact form.