As working people, busy schedules often can lead to the neglect of basic household tasks. Sometimes things just go wrong no matter how much attention they are given. When something goes wrong in your home that requires major repairs or causes an interruption in your day, you may have to miss work time to take care of the matter.

Household emergencies such as busted pipes, electrical problems, and roof leaks are all house issues that can prevent you from leaving your home even to go to work. If these repairs are not attended to, they can grow worse and cause extensive and expensive problems. These problems can happen when least expected and seem to spring up right before the work day begins. Broken pipes or loss of electricity can even prevent you from being able to get ready for work.

These situations can leave you feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place but you ultimately need to tend to the repairs to save your house. Be sure to alert your employer as soon as possible, even if you have to leave a message or fill in a co-worker about your situation. Let them know you have repair issues at home that need your attention. If you are unsure of what will occur during the day or if you can make it back in to work at some point, contact work again after you have contacted the plumber, contractor, or professional.

Provide your employer with enough information as you have so they can deal with your work duties appropriately. You may want to find out if you can make up missed work hours if that is a concern. Be sure to schedule the repairs as soon as possible not only for the sake and safety of your home but also to protect your job. You don’t want to miss any more time than you have to unless you can arrange to use any available personal time or vacation time.