When you are battling a bad cold or the flu and are tempted to go to work, consider how any medication, even over the counter pills, will affect your ability to perform your job duties. This can be a huge safety hazard for you and all of your other co-workers. It can also cost you your job.

Prescription medicines or over the counter medication affects different people in different ways. If you are unfamiliar with the way a medication works on you personally, it can be harmful to go to work anyway. Many cold medications cause people to feel drowsy, restless, or nauseated. These bad feelings can lead you to misjudging your job duties and causing harm to others.

If you are on medication and an accident does happen, you could be held liable for the accident and potentially lose your job. Depending on the circumstances, you could be in trouble legally with your employer and out of steady income.

It may always be the wisest decision to stay home and recover from your sickness while you are being treated with medication. Be sure to get a doctor’s note from your physician that you can provide to your employer concerning your medication treatment. Missing work to deal with an illness, especially while on medications can be the right choice for both your employment status as well as your health.

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