There are several common symptoms that are associated with multiple medical conditions. Symptoms of the flu could mimic symptoms of more serious medical conditions. If left untreated or are treated improperly, the more serious medical problems could get even worse.

Many common symptoms can indicate a more serious condition. Chronic coughs, fatigue, frequent headaches may all be relatively innocuous but could also indicate a more serious problem such as cancer, lupus, diabetes, or organ failure. Symptoms that persist for more than a few days should be checked out by your primary care physician as soon as possible so a proper diagnosis can be obtained.

Many people will make the mistake in ignoring symptoms or associating them with less harmful problems. They may also treat problems with over the counter medications that can do more harm than good. Chronic use of over the counter medications can lead to other medical conditions including organ damage. Even common medications like ibuprophen or aspirin can lead to complications or organ failure when taken in excess.

Chronic medical conditions need to be monitored by your doctor or a medical specialist to ensure diagnosis is proper and treatment is relevant. If the medical condition becomes disabling continued treatment will be necessary to obtain the disability benefits you may need if you are limited in activity or have become unable to work.

If you have a chronic medical issue that limits your abilities to perform daily functions, you may qualify for Social Security benefits. It is in your best interest to consult with an experienced disability attorney in New York who can review your case and provide the guidance you need to complete the eligibility process.

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