Like most New Yorkers, a trip to Central Park is one of our favorite ways to spend a day off from work. This park has been mythologized through history, movies, and films – and for good reason. Central Park is so much more than just a park, with a wide range of attractions and experiences to partake in. Some of our Manhattan workers compensation attorneys’ favorite aspects of Central Park include:

Central Park Zoo

We love visiting the Central Park too to connect with nature in the middle of the country’s biggest city. The Zoo houses a diverse variety of wildlife exhibits and experiences for guests.

Some of our favorite animal exhibits include:

  • Snow Leopards
  • Central Garden & Sea Lion Pool
  • Grizzly Bears & Treena’s Overlook
  • Polar Circle
  • Temperate Territory
  • Tisch Children’s Zoo
  • Tropic Zone – The Rainforest

Unique experienced for visitors include a 4-D theater and penguin and sea lion feedings.e

Wollman Rink

Wollman Rink is the iconic public ice rink located in the southern section of Central Park. You’ve likely seen this rink in at least one film, such as Love StorySerendipity, or Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. This rink opened in 1949 and has remained one of the park’s most popular attractions ever since.

The rink used to serve as a venue for outdoor live music and was formerly known as The Wollman Theater. Jazz concerts were particularly popular, and legends like Billie Holliday, bud Powell, Lionel Hampton, and many others performed here for a series of jazz shows. Other legendary musicians to play at Wollman include Led Zeppelin and the original Allman Brothers Band.

Central Park Carousel

Since 1871, Central Park has been home to four different carousels. The original carousel was initially controversial, as park commissioners were against commercial enterprises within the park. Eventually, the carousel became a huge success and commissioners accepted it for its revenue potential. This original carousel remained in operation until 1924. A mule and a horse powered it by walking in a hidden compartment underground beneath the carousel. They were trained to stop and start when the rides’ operator would tap their foot on the ground.

Each of the next two incarnations of the carousel was powered by steam and both were destroyed by fires. The search for the current version of the carousel began in 1950, and eventually, parks department officials found an abandoned one in an old trolley terminal in Coney Island. This carousel was originally constructed in 1908 and remains in operation today, over a century later.

Belvedere Castle

Not only is Belvedere Castle a stunning piece of architecture; it also offers some of the most breathtaking views of Central Park. Stand on one of two balconies and enjoy panoramic views of this iconic green urban space, including landmarks like the Delacorte Theater, the Great Lawn, the Turtle Pond, and the Ramble.

This castle was originally designed and constructed in 1865 by Calvert Vaux and Jacob Wrey Mould. It was intended as a Victorian Folly, and initially only served as an architectural attraction. In 1919, the National Weather Service began using the castle’s tower to take measurements with instruments for determining wind speed and direction. They also recorded data for rainfall and sent all this information to the weather service’s forecast office in Long Island. The National Weather Service continues to use Belvedere Castle for these purposes today.

It was renovated in 1983 and the Henry Luce Nature Observatory was added. You can explore a variety of natural history artifacts in this museum, including skeletons and paper mache birds. There is also a wide range of microscopes and telescopes on display in the museum.