One of the biggest perks of living in New York City is the wealth of food options. No matter what borough you’re in, at any given moment you’re likely within walking distance of dozens of different restaurants featuring cuisines from all corners of the globe. Our Manhattan workers’ compensation lawyers are always looking for hot new establishments to try out, but we also regualrly return to some of our longtime favorites. Here are some of our favorite restaurants in Hell’s Kitchen:

Per Se

If you’re looking for premium French fine dining in Hell’s Kitchen, look no further than Per Se. Be prepared to drop at least $150 per person here, but trust us when we tell you that the high price tag is worth it. Per Se is bar-none, one of our favorite restaurants in all of New York City. Formal attire is required, but there is no air of pretension here. The place never feels snobby or uptight, although the food will definitely make you feel like a member of high society.

Per Se offers two daily tasting menus, including a nine-course chef’s tasting menu and a nine-course vegetable tasting menu. No single ingredient is ever repeated throughout these nine courses. Some of our favorites from the most recent chef’s menu include the oysters and pearls, smoked sturgeon mille-crepe, and the “terrine” of Hudson Valley moulard duck foie gras.

B Side Pizza & Wine Bar

B Side is easily our favorite pizza and wine bar in Hell’s Kitchen. The menu features a wide variety of green appetizers, specialty pastas, and pizzas with complex flavors and toppings. Some of our favorite appetizers include the roasted brussel sprouts, bacon and beef meatballs, black kale, and zucchini noodles salad. If you’re a pasta lover, you can’t go wrong with the ricotta gnocchi or lasagna. And if you’re looking for some delectable speciality pizzas, we’re big fans of the Oscar the Grouch (spinach, black kale, garlic, mozzarella fonduta), el puerco loco (tomato, mozzarella, basil, oregano, sea salt), and the “You’ve Got A Lot Of Balls” (tomato, meatballs, mozarella, taleggio, oregano, and peppers).

If you can, try to get seats at the street-facing bar for some excellent people-watching while you enjoy your meal.

Samba Kitchen & Bar

Samba is a Brazilian restaurant and cocktail bar, and in our humble opinion, offers the best Brazilian cuisine in the entire city. Service is also fast, attentive, and friendly, and the food is made with fresh ingredients, packed with a variety of flavors, and served in huge portions. Some of our favorite dishes include the picana na Chapa (sizzling grilled top sirloin, yucca flour, pico de gallo, rice and beans), the feijoada (a slow-cooked black bean stew with dried meat, bacon, pork shoulder, and sausage served with collard greens, rice, and orange), and the moqueca (a slow-cooked whitefish served with shrimp and mussels in palm oil and coconut milk with tomato, onion, green pepper, and rice).

Samba offers live music on Wednesday nights and during Sunday brunch if you’re looking for some entertainment while you enjoy one of the best meals New York City has to offer.

Jonny’s Panini

Jonny’s is a simple cafe and breakfast/lunch restaurant, but the food is far from ordinary. This is one of our favorite places to order from for a quick meal during a busy workday. In our opinion, Jonny’s serves some of the best paninis in NYC. It’s a simple menu with about 18 different paninis, so anyone can easily find the right combination of ingredients to please their palate. There are no substitutions allowed, as each option’s ingredients are designed to work perfectly together.

Some of our favorite panini’s at Jonny’s include the proscuitto and mozarella, the turkey BLT, and the grilled chicken and swiss. Jonny’s is also one of the most affordable lunch options in Hell’s Kitchen, with large paninis ranging from $10-$13.