Those who are working more than 40 hours a week may be more susceptible to risks of high blood pressure than those who work under 40 hours. Medical experts say that American workers now work longer hours than any other places in the world and there are concerns that these longer hours with tougher workloads can result in sudden deaths on the job.


High blood pressure is often a result of the longer hours of work because the human body has less time to recover from the effects of labor. Additional factors that can trigger high blood pressure in relation to work is the decrease in healthy living habits when more time is spent at work.


Overtime workers often eat unhealthy fast food, exercise less, and may also do more smoking and drinking after a hard days’ work. There are also concerns about working longer hours in environments that can be stressful or psychologically unhealthy such as when employees feel underpaid or underappreciated for their extra efforts.


Many workers who put in long hours on the job have additional stressors that can trigger high blood pressure. For those spending more time away from home, the problems on the home front may carry over to the workplace. Less time is spent on taking care of personal matters which can cause more stress and result in hypertension.


It is important for all workers to schedule regular visits to their family physician for examinations including blood pressure checks. Many stress-related issues including hypertension may not produce noticeable physical symptoms until problems become serious. Often waiting for symptoms to appear makes the medical problems much worse than if detected earlier. Doctors can perform testing on a regular basis to diagnose problematic issues that can affect one’s health so it is important for continued exams and monitoring, especially for those putting in a lot of extra hours on the job.


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