Lupus is an auto immune condition that affects the tissues of the body and causes stiffness in joints and muscles and often results in chronic pain during flare up episodes. There are many symptoms associated with lupus that are also common with other medical conditions. Lupus may also result in several additional medical problems affecting the patient including osteoporosis.


Because the pain and stiffness associated with lupus can reduce a person’s ability to be active, osteoporosis is a common result of the condition. Without proper exercise and a proper diet, lupus patients, especially women, can develop the painful condition of osteoporosis.


Osteoporosis is a condition where the bones of the body lose their density making them more susceptible to breakage and fractures. While many people relate osteoporosis as a condition that only affects the elderly, anyone can develop the condition which is highly preventable if the right measures are taken in advance.


Preventing osteoporosis is important for those diagnosed with lupus. Eating a healthy diet that includes calcium-fortified foods and drink, fresh vegetables and fruits, and getting plenty of daily exercise are all important to one’s overall health but are also effective at preventing osteoporosis complications.


If you suffer from lupus, it is important to get a proper diagnosis from your doctor so you can treat the symptoms appropriately. There is no cure for lupus and patients can only treat symptoms as they appear. Supplements may be needed to enhance your diet to prevent osteoporosis. There are also prescription drug therapies and hormone therapies available to help treat an existing diagnosis of osteoporosis.