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A Look at Conditions with Symptoms Similar to Lupus

There are several other medical conditions that produce physical symptoms similar to those associated with lupus. It is important to seek professional medical treatment if you experience the symptoms of lupus to have a proper diagnosis.


Here are some other medical conditions that generate lupus-like symptoms:



Produces joint pain and limited mobility


Chronic fatigue syndrome

A medical condition which results in severe, chronic tiredness.



A condition affecting the muscles that causes chronic stiffness and pain.



A condition of the kidneys marked by inflammation.



A medical condition affecting the connective tissues in the body


Sjogren’s syndrome

This medical condition results in chronic dry eyes and dry mouth symptoms. This condition is often associated with rheumatoid arthritis.



A medical condition causing inflammation in the blood vessels


When you experience any of these symptoms it is possible that you may be affected by lupus or have independent symptoms related to other medical conditions. It is important to visit your physician for the proper testing and diagnosis so a treatment plan can be developed in a timely manner.


If diagnosed with lupus, which is an auto-immune disease that results in the body’s attack on normal tissues which results in tissue damage and chronic inflammation, pain, fever, and fatigue, it is important to be properly monitored and have symptoms treated as necessary. There is no cure for lupus but treatment can be used during episodes or flare-ups of the condition. Medications can be effective in reducing the pain and discomfort of associated lupus symptoms.


If lupus is not the diagnosis, your primary care doctor will evaluate your medical history and order appropriate tests to diagnosis other medical conditions.