There are growing concerns about the workload of those responsible for the safety of buildings and structures on New York City. It is being reported that the employees working for the Department of Buildings have a lot of responsibilities in inspecting various properties and a rash of fatal accidents may be related to the lack of workforce in the area of safety.

The most recent headline involving the New York executive that was killed in an elevator accident is just one example of what the lack of attention to safety matters can do. The consequences are serious and a potential danger to the public at large. Currently it is estimated that 317 inspectors are responsible for monitoring 975,000 properties in the city. These inspections include the elevators like the one involved in the fatal executive’s accident.

Building safety is very important, especially to the people who are commissioned to work on them. Construction accidents are already on the map for being a leading cause of work-related accidents and due to the lack of safety measures, it is vital the workers take extra precautions on the job to ensure their safety and the safety of their co-workers.

Anyone can be injured in an unsafe building –whether it is the workers that show up for their jobs, pedestrians in the street, or people who live in the unsafe buildings, it is important to always be concerned with safety especially when working in a hazardous job.

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