The Governor of New York has announced the availability of federal disaster unemployment assistance for those who lost their income after Hurricane Sandy. The financial support is available to those who lost their jobs and live or work in the Bronx, New York, Queens, Richmond, Kings, Suffolk, Nassau, Westchester, or Rockland counties.


Those who have been hurt in the aftermath of the hurricane no matter if the person is self-employed or employed by a company but can no longer work may be eligible for unemployment benefits. Benefits may also be made available to those who no longer have a workplace to report to after it was destroyed. Additionally, workers who are unable to make it to their workplace because they must commute through disaster areas may receive benefits.


Those workers considered self-employed workers including independent taxi drivers, commercial fisherman, farmers, and other small business owners may also qualify to receive unemployment benefits if Hurricane Sandy damage ruined work conditions or your workplace location. Applications must be received before December 3, 2012.


Hazardous conditions in the workplace should also be reported to OSHA which is advising cleanup workers and volunteers about the potential dangers of working around the debris and damage caused by the hurricane. Any hazardous locations or safety concerns should be reported to OSHA officials immediately in the interest of worker safety.


The Institute for Family Health has recently announced their family health centers in the Bronx are now open following the storm to provide medical care and treatment to those in need, including hurricane cleanup workers. In addition to the available of medical treatment for physical injuries, mental health specialists are on staff to provide counseling and support for the emotional toll the hurricane aftermath has placed on workers and local residents.


If you have been hurt during cleanup work in the hard hit areas of New York due to Hurricane Sandy, you must protect your rights as an injured worker. Our legal team is experienced in workers compensation-related issues and can provide the legal guidance necessary to win your claim for benefits. Contact us toll free at 888-799-3918 or through our online contact form.