Many of the areas affected by Hurricane Sandy are still battling the devastating effects including unemployment the storm caused. The Rockaways, an area especially hard hit has many businesses that are still out of commission, and workers are not receiving paychecks as the businesses try to come back. Many area residents have lost their jobs and are desperate for income. They are filling up career centers throughout New York and New Jersey in hopes they can find more work.


It is estimated that tens of thousands of workers throughout NY and NJ are not working. There is no clear indication of how long these workers will remain without a job. As many businesses struggle to reopen, many still were so hard-hit there is doubt about their futures and whether they can rebuild.


In some cases, workers who lost their job also lost their homes. They are having an even more difficult time trying to rebuild their lives. Without work, they are finding it impossible to pay their financial obligations and unemployment may not be cutting it. Those trying to secure new employment are finding it difficult when they no longer have work clothing or supplies they need for an interview.


Those who are able to secure new jobs will do so at a cost. Longer commutes and less benefits are in the cards for those who must leave the area to find employment. There are temporary jobs in hurricane clean up positions that can help ease some of the strain but many temporary workers are finding conditions to be hazardous despite the good rates of pay. Lack of protective equipment is common for day workers who are working to remediate areas covered in mold brought on by flood waters.