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The community is located in the northwestern section of the Bronx in New York City, New York. The town spans 198.4 acres. The Major Deegan Expressway travels along the town’s eastern edge. Some of the nearby towns include Spuyten Duyvil, Kingsbridge Heights, Jerome Park, Marble Hill, and Fieldston.


The neighborhood was named after the King’s Bridge, constructed in 1693. The bridge was owned by Frederick Philipse, a local lord loyal to the British monarch. A section of the Spuyten Duyvil Creek was filling in to make room for the bridge. The King’s Bridge connected the southern region of Westchester County, later to become the Bronx, with Marble Hill. The bridge is believed to be still intact, but when the creek bed was filled in, it buried it. The water flow was then redirected to the shipping canal just south of Marble Hill.

Historically the community was home to many Africans enslaved by local landowners during the late 1600s until the mid-1800s. However, as development progressed, the neighborhood became the home to many Irish immigrants. Beginning in the late 1970s, the Irish population began to decrease as many African-Americans, Hispanics, Albanians, Asians, and Greeks became residents. Today, the largest Hispanic group are Dominicans, replacing Puerto Ricans and Cubans, the first Hispanics to settle during the 1970s. The community is still home to a strong Irish population centered on Tibbett Avenue and Bailey Avenue. Many Dominicans reside along Broadway and its adjacent side streets.


Irish heritage and culture can still be seen throughout the community. The Gaelic Park located on 240th Street and Broadway is operated by the Manhattan College but hosts Gaelic football and hurling. Other Irish influenced places include:

  • St. John’s Roman Catholic Church – located on Kingsbridge Avenue near 231st Street
  • Visitation Roman Catholic Church and School – located on West 239th Street
  • Our Lady of Angels Church and School – located on Sedgwick Avenue


The New York City Department of Education maintains the public schools within the area. Some of the public elementary schools the children can attend include:

  • PS 7 Kingsbridge
  • PS 37 Multiple Intelligence School
  • PS 86 Kingsbridge Heights
  • PS 207
  • PS 307 Eames Place
  • PS 310 Marble Hill
  • PS 360

The middle and high school options include:

  • In Tech Academy – MS/HS 368


In 2010, there were 30,161 residents in the neighborhood combined with Spuyten Duyvil. This was a 1% increase of 289 since the count in 2000 of 29,872. The racial demographics of the combined area was the following:  

  • 49.3% (14,872) White
  • 8.9% (2,691) African American
  • 0.1% (40) Native American
  • 5.7% (1,731) Asian
  • 0% (15) Pacific Islander
  • 0.3% (98) from other races
  • 1.7% (510) from two or more races
  • 33.8% (10,204) Hispanic or Latino

In 2017, the median income per household was $53,986. As many as 15% of the residents lived below the poverty line.

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