There are a lot of employees around the country who have shown up to work a time or too more tired than they should be. But if you are showing up for work tired all the time due to your inability to sleep, it may be the result of other, more serious medical problems.

Insomnia and sleep disturbances are common, especially if you are a stressed out employee. Many of our clients have no idea how much damage stress on the job can do to their bodies and their overall health. It is only after they have been hurt on the job or suffered from medical issues triggered by stress that they truly realize the impact stress has been having.

Sleep disorders of another kind may also be the root of your inability to sleep. Sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome can cause you to remain awake all night long or wake up frequently during fits of sleep. Sleep disorders can range from mild to very serious and in some cases prove fatal if not treated promptly.

If you find you are often too tired to go to work or so fatigued that your performance on the job becomes a danger to others, it is important to get a proper medical diagnosis. Leaving a sleep issue untreated is not only going to be a danger in your workplace, it will also be a serious hazard to your health.


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